27 R.H.Blyth Oriental Humour


Oriental Humour  by R.H.Blyth

Yanagidaru Book 1

すてる芸 はじめる芸にうらやまれ

The thrower-away of an accomplishment

  Is envied.

By the beginner of an accomplishment.



Even in just giving things to people,

  There's a clever way,

And a clumsy way of doing it.



The hand of kamuro

 Makes its way through many 

At the brazier.


Many people were sitting around a big brazier at the Yoshiwara, talking and laughing. As there so many hands over the fire, it seemed there was no more space for any hand. But the little kamuro ran to the brazier and her little hand got so skilfully through the other hands, and warmed it like the others. Here again we see something of charm, that is, of value in odious surroundings and the person of a budding prostitute.